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Galkaio Under New Incursion

Galkaio, the capital city of Mudug region (Central Somalia), one among five regions that comprise the autonomous state of Puntland is under new incursions waged by the Southern militia, this time under the tutelage of Mr. Abdikassim and his minions.The city had previously suffered devastating terror attacks waged by the same militia groups then under the leadership of the most notorious, brutal, and infamous perpetrator of Somalia's civil war and its concomitant crimes - General Mohamed F. Aideed. Zealots following Aideed's cue and his policy of "ethnic cleansing" invaded Galkaio in 1991, severely pillaged, killed, and maimed its population in the most cruel act of terror perpetrated on civilians.

In these cruel and barbaric atrocities, the perpetrators killed indiscriminately close to a thousand (1000) civilians of every age and gender.
To avoid mentioning all the depressing details, suffice it to say that they slaughtered kids and elders and used their blood as the color-paint for the
loathsome slogans they painted on the walls of the city.A good percentage of the civilians massacred in Galkaio were victims and survivors of the carnage in Mogadishu where the psychopath (general Aideed) had given the orders to rob, rape, torture, and kill these civilians not because of threat they had imposed or crime they committed, but just for their clan identity.After gruesome struggle of close to two months with tremendous loss of lives, Galkaio was finally extricated from the hands of the brutal murderers. The 15% civilian population (of Habar-gidir) in the southern part of the city who to some extent were supportive of the genocide done by their clan militia deserted the city in fear of retribution after their
militiamen were over powered and ousted from the city.

Despite all these perpetual cruelty and hatred from the southern citizens of Galkaio, not only forgiveness was proffered to the minority civilians to return to their homes peacefully, but as well, the red handed criminals caught in the act of terror were set free. This positive gesture of showing clemency was meant to breed serenity, harmony, and peaceful coexistence.Unfortunately, the forgiveness and tolerance was not
appreciated nor it did promote peaceful coexistence but further violence and perpetual intimidations aimed to legitimize demarcation line that divides the city into two warring zones. Galkaio never slept since a night without the fear of raids from the clan militia in the southern part of the city. Puntland
Administration did not reinforce strict measures to secure peace and stability, but embarked on too much leniency in dealing with the crisis that emboldened the perpetrators to take advantage of it and continue their act of terror with more rogue and intransigent attitude.

As a result, the southern part of Galkaio has become the "Bermuda Triangle" where neither civilians nor government personnel dare to put foot there without the anticipation of calamity. No Municipal rules or regulations function in that part of the city. No taxes are collected from its businesses. The typical green line between North and South of Mogadishu has been established there. Even the Puntland Law Enforcement has no the temerity to pursue criminals who wreck havoc in the city and then cross to the south of the enforced demarcation line.The anxiety and fear caused by this perpetual terror has reached to unprecedented climax where the ensuing fatality could be very disastrous as far as the stability of the region is concerned unless something urgent is acted upon. People (men, women, and children) had deserted their homes and properties for the sake of fear. How long will people yield to this trepidation? How long will the Puntland Administration entertain and convince people to respect the law and order, and restrain from defending themselves while the law and order is not defending them? How long will this barbaric crusade all the way from Southern Jubba to Mudug region continue before people would say enough is enough?

This should not be interpreted as a gloomy prognostication or persuasion to do act of evil (revenge). But it is stark reality that this madness
is out of control, and it has to be reined in before it turns into a major catastrophe. All empirical evidences are there, it's just a matter of time before
the situation explodes. It is egregious stupidity, or I should say total negligence to habituate on resorting to fruitless and ruse negotiations. More
than ten years of negotiations ended into dismal failure. The Puntland Administration has to do its responsibility. All law enforcement rules and civic
policies must functions in that part of the city as well. Taxpayers must get full security for their lives and properties. Police stations have to be
established in the southern part of the city. People must feel secure so they can return to homes and properties.

In the name of the hoax TNG, With the advent of the Nairobi Peace Talks, Abdikassim is trying to rob and subjugate as many lands as he could, Bay and Puntland being his main targets. Its not enough to blame him (Abdikassim) and his minions for atrocities that have been ravaging Somali people for more than a decade now. Something has to be done that spares the lives and properties of these innocent people. It is
Islamic duty that people defend their blood and properties.

Burhan Alas


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