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Galkacyu & the simple truth

It can only be described as a tragic event when there returned the dreaded sound of gunfire to the central city of Galkacyu.

Now it seems that the Somali websites and infantile media are working overtime to feed us stories about Galkacyu.

That renowned Somali journalist who works for the world famous media corporation the BBC was on top form as he had the scoop on everyone. This award winner should not be mistaken for Rageh Omar, for it was Xasan Barisse who was first to this story.

Xasan Barrise of the Carta fame with his usual skill and oratory skill told of a war between two groups. He described a battle of epic proportions which caused deaths and destruction. Then you had the Mogadishu leaflets, Ayaamaha, Xog-Ogal pitching in with their stories of how Galkacyu certain section is oppressed and that there are countless technical coming from elsewhere enforcing the strength of the oppressors.

In life you are never surprised, and this can be the case when you hear Osman Ato give a press conference talking about enforcing peace, and his idea of contributing to peace was to donate some of his Technicalís to the people of Galkacyu.

As ever we never hear from the people of Galkacyu, you only hear from those who are in Mogadishu or Nairobi talking about whatís happening in Galkacyu. All we hear is Xasan Carta Barrise and, Osman (political expert) Ato.

I wonder why Ato finds it convenient to talk about Galkacyu at this juncture.

Why didnít Ato donate some of his ill-gotten wealth to the people he is now so eager to push to war? Ato wants to sabre rattle because frankly speaking that is all he is good at. It seems Ato forgot the people of southern Mudug long ago, however his memory has returned once they have declared their own state.†

I wonder when is the last time he has visited Galkacyu or Hobyo?

I would like to clarify couple of points, Galkacyu belongs to the people of Galkacyu those who live, reside and work in that city. The people of Galkacyu are only divided by an illusion which has blinded the whole state of Somalia.

For a decade the people of Galkacyu have had a peace which they built on their own. They have achieved a lot in that time and have left a foundation for a great city in the future.

Galkacyuís future does not lie with has been politicians or overzealous clan journalists.

The future of Galkacyu belongs to the people of Galkacyu South or North Mudug, weather be in Puntland state or another, Galkacyu belongs to its people and it is their interest to preserve what is precious and that is peace.

Burhan-yassin Warsame


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