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Somalia Vs The Drug Dealer

The Eldored meeting looks like one that will benefit the Somali people because there is a chance that there will be a national government.

Most of the Somali’s have a real yearning for peace and the hope of bringing back our self respect.

Our people are scattered over an ever more dangerous wordls, there are various wars taking place, war against terrorists, wars agains refugees and wars against those who can't govern themselves. Our land has been destroyed its natural beuty raped by those locusts who go by the name of Business men. Our people are dying from AIDS because there is no adequate way of checking for contaminated blood, TB is ever prevelant, Polio has not bee eradicated. Our children haven’t had education for over a decade and those in the west have been lost in these cold bitter and troubling societies.

Somali’s are being attacked by their own MP’s in London and there is no justice for kids such as the young Kasar Osman and all those innocent victims who are falling in the west.

What clan has escaped this war, what family hasten lost something valuable, a loved one or their dignity?

Yet right now you get people like Osman Ato the drug dealing self declared leader of some part of Mogadishu and Qaynyare , Abdiqasin the out of touch son of a dictator are opposing the peace process. These people are supported by the Clanish and baseless media such as Yusuf Grad who lives on the donations of the British tax payer are as ever supporting their leaders and idols., or are working overtime, but this will not work, we waited for 12 years, we lost 1 million souls, we lost our name the Somali name, we have died in the west and its over, we will archive all that you do and bring to you on a later date, we will show you and the world that this will not work anymore.

To the drug dealers and scrap merchants the time for talk is over either sign the peace or be prepared to be politically deceased.

The argument is simple, Somalis against the drug dealer the drug dealer will lose.

Hanad Ahmed

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