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Appeal for Intervention in Somalia

H.E. George Bush

President of United States of America

The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington D.C. 20500

Mr. President,

I am a Somali politician, a former candidate for the Presidency of Puntland regions of Somalia, and the son of the late President Of Somalia Dr. Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke.  I attend Phillips Academy, the same period as Your Excellency and I am a graduate of State University of New York at Buffalo.

Mr. President, I am happy you are planning to visit Africa next year and I hope your call on the continent to put an end to regional wars that claim thousands of lives each year will succeed.

I am here appealing to Your Excellency, to help us work for peace in Somalia by promoting human rights, reconciliation, democratic values and open economy. For 12 years Somalis have known only civil war, atrocities, looting and chaos. We are tired of being caved into small areas that are under the rule and mercy of the Warlords. We lost hope in the present status quo and there is no one working for our national interest or the re-establishment of a Somali National Government that represents all the people all the time. The Warlords are working for their individual interest and the interest of foreign groups that are a threat to Somalia's national interest and that of our neighbours.

Mr. President, it is my sincere opinion that if the international community and in particular the United states does not intervene immediately in Somalia, the country will be used by those who advocate terrorism to destabilize our neighbours.

Somalia does have element (the Warlords and their associates) that harbor terrorists and work with terrorist groups. The United States and the United Nations must take concrete action in Somalia to put to an end the chaos, before Somalia becomes a place to hide and train terrorist. Somalia needs the United States to rescue it from crisis. It was Your Excellency who said " we will help Africa nations to organize and develop their abilities to respond to crisis." Somali desparately needs your help.

Efforts by the international community to mediate the civil war conflict in Somalia has failed repeatedly and will not succeed in the future. The Warlords who created and sustained a culture of violence in Somalia, will never relinquish their power and hold on areas under their control.

As a Somali and a friend of the American people, I here propose the establishment of joint Unted States and United Nations forces to be deployed in Somalia to;

- Enforce peace in Somalia

- Collect weapons from all Somalis

- Establish and train Somali regional adminstrations and police forces

- Rebuild the country's infrastructure

- Create institutions for the advancement of democratic values, human rights, and free economy

- Assist in the draft of a Federal Somali Constitution with checks, balances and divisions of power well clarified

- Introduce a plan for assisting the Somali economy and to forgive its international debts.

Somalia must remain under a United Nations adminstration for at least five years and such adminstration must be led by an adminstrative committee headed by the United States, Italy, Britain, and Saudi Arabia. This committee should have an advisory council consisting; Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, U.A.E. and Yeman.

Mr. Prsident I and a committee of determined Somalis will travel the world capitals to lobby for a United States and United Nations intervention in Somalia, as a last hope for peace and statehood for Somalis. 

I am of the opinion there is a need for a new approach and initiative toward resolving the civil war in Somalia. I am ready to lead this new intiative and work with all Somalis and concerned governments to achieve peace, prosperity and unity of Somalis.

I hope Your Excellency will support us in establishing a democratic government in Somalia capable of dealing with the present day crisis.

Yours Truly

Mohamed Abdirashid A. Sharmarke

Chair of Somalis for  Democracy, Human Rights and Peace



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