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Professor I M Lewis’s Lecture- Critique on The Disgraceful Farrago.

The pungently unmerited abrasive words of many want-to-be Political Commentators had unerringly forced me to dive into this Pseudo-Political discourse and as such, this disgraceful farrago that reeks more than a rotting fish in a sewer needs to be cleaned. All these because the lecture that was vehemently delivered by the highly esteemed Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at the prestigious LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science). What profoundly flabbergast me are the unsightly outpourings that rained heavily from highly famished mouths that need to be watered before verbalising such ignominiously culpable accusations.

One such despicable false-plaintiff is one Awale. Mr Awale naively brands Prof Lewis as being Narrow Minded and goes as far as to comparing him to those the Prof fiercely criticised not because of their genetical make up but their detrimental looting and genetically modified new imperialism. Bewildered, I tried to decipher the coded reasons that made Awale try to feebly character assassinate the name of the Prof. What becomes apparent to the trained eye is that old Somali Vice: Tribalism is at work. For some obscure reason he thinks (along with some other wretched souls) that Professor I M Lewis has a deep-seated hatred towards USC people and in the lecture tarnished the standing of his people and as Awale hails from that group, he is obliged to come to the rescue of what left the integrity of his people. But in the process he propagates the USC cause before the Somalihood. A classic example of his tribalism is demonstrated when he blights the people of Somaliland and Puntland by saying: “Although the professor fails to mention that, the population in Puntland and Somaliland put together are a lot less then the population in Mogadishu alone”.  My humble question to the young novice is WHEN DID HE CARRY OUT A POPULATION CONSESUS? If this were not a tribalism dressed in the best attire then I wouldn’t know what it is.

What drives me to the edge is seeing a young Somali “man” who had the advantage to be “educated” at London Guildhall University to be the mouthpiece of those war barons who roam around in a state of feudal despotism, killing and maiming innocent and unsuspecting people. Awale, you speak of hope when responding unconvincingly to the Professor in regards to his witty remark for the highly financed conferences; my fellow what hope do we have when the “new” breed fails forcefully and follow the footsteps of their forefathers?

Awale, in the West where Somali people have absorbed and somewhat diffused ideas, we cannot now recoil to a cocoon of self-conceited isolation and still expect to get away with hideous crimes in this Globalised world. It is the obligation of the social commentator to identify the dysfunctional sides of society and as such I agree most of what Prof Lewis state in his lecture. Those who disagreed had aired their observation at the conference while others sat timidly as though they were watched by a she lion but later failingly tried to slander him through some selected websites.

Another such person with depraved intellectual breadth is one Miss Dahabo Dawlo as she fancifully calls herself- what a self-aggrandising!! (The latter word of her soubriquet speaks voluminous words in her character) who disgustingly abashed personally the illustrious Professor. As witness of the symposium in question, I can unequivocally state the generality of the lecture was one that had an academical strait; which I can say little about Dahabo’s paltry article. Though I have an aversion to personal attacks, I feel what I am about to say does not qualify to be one. It is commonly held that undertaking a Diplomacy Degree one becomes Diplomatic? Is this a common urban myth? Or perhaps former Polytechnic institutions have a dreary standard of Teaching. Regardless, the British University should at bare minimum embed Dahabo a course 101 in Diplomacy. If the Diplomatic lessons were beneficial this “lady” would not personally insult many different tribes.

With attention, please look at this quote “Anigu waaba yaabaye Mr Lewis muxuu u neceb yahay Koofurta iyo Reer USC?. Maadama gabdhaha Reer USC aysan Gaaladda raaci jirin, ma 1945kii ayaa gabari diiday oo halkaas ayuu ciil ka qabaa? Mase Ciddii aan Gaalada Gabdhahoodu raacin ayuu u yaqaan XAADDAARAD IYO HORUMAR la’aan?”

For the benefit of non-Somali readers, here is a poor attempt to translate I am deeply astonished as to why Mr Lewis hates the USC? Asks the Diplomacy student before she proceeds to: Because of the lack of USC girls bedding the infidels, was Mr Lewis been denied his shenanigan bedroom advances [by a [USC girl] in 1945 as such he still bears a grudge against USC? Or perhaps he deems uncivilised those tribes whose females don’t go with infidels” unquote.

The connotation of her statement is as follows: He hates USC because he couldn’t fornicate (assuming he was unmarried) with USC girls. But he likes, Somaliland and Puntland because girls from those regions happily indulge sexual misdemeanours with Infidels. I am knocked for six for such slur to be leashed against those people. What exactly can one gain from smear other than proving to others their innate low-barrow-ness?

Unlike Dahabo, I was at the symposium where the alleged lecture took place. The professor did not single-out USC but indeed he endeavoured to perfectly present the current political picture in Somalia. Cutting remarks were levelled upon other Somali figures. The professor had in some length criticised significant personalities such as: Late dictator Siyad Bare, Gen Morgan and quite rightly labelled former Foreign Minister and a half Brother of Bare Abdirahman Jama Bare to be “a useless Foreign Minster”.) All these men belong to one Tribe. We don’t see the communities that those individuals hail from ranging with anger because their men were somewhat mentioned in a negative tune. Why then the likes of Dahabo, Awale and MM Gure (who I had an attention-grabbing conversation at the meeting) go their way to write poorly insulting? Are there certain hidden secrets that they don’t want us to learn?

In conclusion, the people of Somalia (particularly in the inter-riverine people) cannot continue to be helplessly accepting as their destiny the denial of basic Human Rights. They too have the right to live on their land, to enjoy self-determination, and pursue their political ambition just like any other Somali group. But this cannot materialise without acknowledgement of what is currently happening some parts of Southern Somalia, and that is what Prof Lewis shed lights upon. Our tasks are clear; we have to play as full part as Somali citizens in the development of self-determination; to do that we should shake off the mental effect upon ourselves of tribalism. 

Being subservient to the will and the caprice of our clans will not prove anything superior in us. Being satisfied to drink of the sediments from the cup of tribal propaganda would not also demonstrate our fitness to rule our country unilaterally but when we are together as Somalis not segmented then we shall reclaim our civility and government-ship; until such time arrives we shall all work from bottom up.

If Self-Government is leprosy then I am the first to be killed- Anonymous

Artan Boss

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